Saturday, November 1, 2008

NFL Week 9 Picks

This week, I rode 144 miles on my bicycle to run my odometer to 5,000. Assuming I average somewhere between 10 and 15 miles per hour, in the two years I’ve had my bike, I’ve spent somewhere between 330 and 500 total hours on the bike. That equates to two to three weeks of rollin’ through San Jose and Santa Clara, Campbell and Cupertino, Los Altos and Palo Alto, and from Antelope Island to Cottonwood Heights. The rest of my week was spent preparing for the GRE, which I took today. And I’m happy to report that I broke 350 on the verbal portion. Does that make me a member of the 350 club? (Note: This is an inside joke referencing a very successful professional friend of mine who may or may not have struggled to break 350 on his verbal portion of the GRE that he took nine years ago. Yes, as a matter of fact, his work does focus heavily on numbers.)

With these two goals crossed off my to-do list for fall, expect more focus dedicated to the Eddie Utah page in the coming week. For tonight, here are my Week 9 picks:

Texans +4.5 over VIKINGS
Lions +12.5 over BEARS
Steelers +2 over REDSKINS
SEAHAWKS +7 over Eagles
Jaguars -7.5 over BENGALS
Buccaneers -9 over CHIEFS
Cardinals -3 over RAMS
Falcons -3 over RAIDERS
BROWNS -1.5 over Ravens
BILLS -5 over Jets
TITANS -4.5 over Packers
BRONCOS -3.5 over Dolphins
GIANTS -8.5 over Cowboys
COLTS -6 over Patriots

Eddie in the Money Superpicks
BILLS -5 over Jets
Lions +12.5 over BEARS
TITANS -4.5 over Packers

Pick Performance
Week 8: 5-8-1
Overall: 51-61-3

Eddie in the Money Superpicks
Week 8: 2-3-1
Overall: 18-9-2

Bill Simmons 60, Cousin Sal 53, Eddie Utah 26.

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