Friday, November 14, 2008

Eric Mangini Still in Love with Belichick

Once the Jay Feely kick had sailed through the uprights, New England coach Bill Belichick wanted to get the silly post-game exchange over with and get the hell out of there. He found Jets coach Eric Mangini and extended his hand as far as possible, hoping for a quick pump and go.

Mangini had other ideas. His eyes were almost apologetic--as if it pained him to beat his former mentor. Eric could not be content with a single handshake. No, he tried the old politico trick and grabbed Bill’s right forearm with his left hand. If he had time, I’m sure he would have tearfully apologized for the loss, for the whole spygate misunderstanding of last season, and for ever leaving his side. Perhaps he may have even scored a hug from ol’ Bill. In his best fantasy, even sneak in a quick kiss on Bill’s cheek, or maybe his forehead.

But it was not to be. Disgusted by the outcome of the game and their checkered past, Belichick all but ripped Mangini’s hands off of him and ran. Poor Eric—the tragic jilted lover. His team had just beaten the evil New England Patriots to move into first place in the AFC East, yet he was mysteriously morose.

Don’t be too discouraged coach Mangini. If you play your cards right, you just might get another shot at Bill and the Pats come playoff time.

Mangini to Feely: "I wish you were Bill."

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