Friday, November 14, 2008

Can’t Buy a Hug? Find a Lineman’s Butt to Slap

For the first time all season, the New England Patriots defense surrendered a touchdown on its opponent’s game-opening drive. Brett Favre threw a short pass to Leon Washington and then watched him run it in for a seven-yard touchdown with 9:26 left in the first quarter.

Afterward, Brett threw his arms up in the air and looked for someone to celebrate with. Surely he expected a mob of hugs from anyone and everyone. He looked this way and that, eyes darting to and fro. For a whole six seconds, he looked and looked. You could see the desperate begging in his eyes.

Finally, resigned to a fruitless search, he took advantage of the closest target he could find, slapping an unidentified lineman on the butt.

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