Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tonight's NFL Pick and Post-Game Preview

First of all, a big YOU'RE WELCOME to all those who had funds in their gambling budget last week, as my Eddie in the Money Superpicks were a perfect three-for-three. Hopefully we can score some similar results this week. For tonight's pick, I like the home team (PATRIOTS -3 over Jets), but the real drama will come in the post-game exchange between former mentor, Bill Belichick, and the beligerent and rebellious once-supposed genius-in-waiting Eric Mangini. As you of course recall, it was Mangini who left the Patriots and took the one job Belichick admonished him not to take, head coach of the New York Jets. As if this weren't enough, Mangini and the Jets were also the ones who ratted out Belichick and the Patriots for their video-cheats last year. Luckily, for our viewing pleasure, we get to see these two coach against each other twice a year. The post-game exchange is always awkward. I wonder--would it really be such a big deal for Belichick to just run off to the locker room? Apparently that would amount to some sort of NFL coaching faux pas and a certain fine from the commissioner. So what drama awaits us tonight? The repressed and haughty grin from Belichick? The apologetic and droopy-eyed congratulations from Mangini? An attempted hug from Mangini, followed by shove from Belichick? Oh, the excitement! I can't wait for this game to be over.

Week 10 Overall: 9-4, 65-74-3 on the season
Week 10 Superpicks: 3-0, 22-11-2 on the season

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