Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Why So Belligerent?

I attended three different football games this weekend, at three different levels of competition--high school, college and pro. Interestingly, the high school game provided the most drama on the field, while the college and pro games provided the most drama in the stands. Arizona at UCLA was a yawner--literally. I yawned...and then I dozed, as UCLA never seriously threatened.
Refreshed after a Rose Bowl Nap
The nearby fans, however, made a few entertaining, if not serious, threats. In a successful display of obnoxiousness, an illegally inebriated UCLA fan accused an Arizona fan of being "drunk," "throwin' out bad words," and "beatin' up kids." I was amused by the creativity of the last accusation. Security, however, was not amused, and this fan's game ended a little early.

Subtract a couple Brett Favre interceptions and a failed 3rd quarter fourth-down conversion and the Jets-Chargers game may have ended a little more dramatically (even though bettors who had the Chargers +8 or over 45.5 were perfectly happy with the dull, high-scoring game). The real action was in the stands, where a couple of hoodlum Charger fans, one of which thought it clever to wear an Aaron Rodgers jersey, did their best to annoy Jets and Chargers fans alike. Drunken chants of "Favre sucks!" were mixed with senseless and illogical taunts towards Jets fans.

Behind the hoodlums sat a big bald man who sported large arms and several tatoos. He took issue with the hoodlums' antics when they started pointing at his son. He cocked his fist and threatened the hoodlums with several fake half-punches. Unfortunately for the surrounding fans, and inspite of cheers to the contrary, he never made good on such threats, perhaps for the benefit of his son's remaining time at Monday Night Football. Things finally calmed down after a Qualcomm Stadium employee threatened the three with ejection. Sadly, with less than two minutes left in the game, "things" on the field had calmed down much earlier.

These two upstanding fans politely ignored the ridicule from Chargers fans.

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