Wednesday, September 10, 2008

B.S., Cousin Sal

Let’s get right to it. Big-timers Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal both guess the point spreads for each NFL game each week. I’ve done the same. Let’s see if I can hang.

Patriots at Jets
Brady-less Patriots are still a better team, in spite of the Jets improvement.
BS: Patriots -3.5
CS: Patriots -2
EU: Jets -1.5
Actual: Jets -2.5
Score: BS 0, CS 0, EU 1

Raiders at Chiefs
Who caressssss.
BS: Chiefs -3.5
CS: Chiefs -3.5
EU: Chiefs -3
Actual: Chiefs -4
Score: BS 1, CS 1, EU 1

Bears at Panthers
Both looked to be in 2005 form last week. At least the Bears don’t have to worry about Steve Smith this week.
BS: Panthers -4
CS: Panthers -5
EU: Panthers -3.5
Actual: Panthers -3
Score: BS 2, CS 1, EU 2

Giants at Rams
Giants get an early bye week.
BS: Giants -8
CS: Giants -8
EU: Giants -6.5
Actual: Giants -9
Score: BS 3, CS 2, EU 2

Saints at Redskins
In spite of being beat soundly by the Giants, I think the Redskins will be competitive in most games. Jason Campbell will only get better the more time he spends with Jim Zorn.
BS: Saints -1
CS: Saints -2
EU: Saints -2
Actual: Redskins -1
Score: BS 4, CS 2, EU 2

Packers at Lions
Aaron Rodgers definitely surprised me, as did the Lions and their ineptitude versus the Falcons.
BS: Packers -6
CS: Packers -3.5
EU: Packers -6
Actual: Packers -3
Score: BS 4, CS 3, EU 2

Bills at Jaguars
The Bills look solid and the Jaguars have injury problems on the o-line. Pick ‘em.
BS: Jaguars -3.5
CS: Jaguars -5.5
EU: Pick ‘em
Actual: Jaguars -6
Score: BS 4, CS 4, EU 2

Colts at Vikings
Peyton Manning won’t stay rusty for long; and Tavaris Jackson will never be Peyton Manning.
BS: Colts -3
CS: Vikings -1
EU: Colts -4
Actual: Colts -2.5
Score: BS 5, CS 4, EU 2

Titans at Bengals
The Titans will sack Carson Palmer cinco to ocho times.
BS: Titans -3.5
CS: Bengals -3
EU: Titans -3
Actual: Bengals -1
Score: BS 5, CS 5, EU 2

Forty-Niners at Seahawks
With Seneca Wallace playing wide receiver, two quarterbacks are better than one.
BS: Seahawks -4
CS: Seahawks -7.5
EU: Seahawks -2
Actual: Seahawks -8.5
Score: BS 5, CS 6, EU 2

Falcons at Buccaneers
Are the Falcons that good or the Lions that bad?
BS: Buccaneers -7
CS: Buccaneers -7
EU: Buccaneers -4
Actual: Buccaneers -9
Score: BS 6, CS 7, EU 2

Chargers at Broncos
Vegas worries about another slow start for the Chargers.
BS: Pick ‘em
CS: Broncos -3
EU: Broncos -4.5
Actual: Chargers -2
Score: BS 7, CS 7, EU 2

Ravens at Texans
Still need to watch the Ravens week 1 game.
BS: Texans -1
CS: Texans -3
EU: Ravens -1
Actual: Texans -4.5
Score: BS 7, CS 8, EU 2

Dolphins at Cardinals
The Dolphins look improved.
BS: Cardinals -6
CS: Cardinals -6
EU: Cardinals -4.5
Actual: Cardinals -7
Score: BS 8, CS 9, EU 2

Sunday Night Football

Steelers at Browns
A let-down alert for the Steelers and a bounce-back focus for the Browns are in effect for this game. Vegas doesn’t care.
BS: Steelers -3.5
CS: Steelers -3.5
EU: Steelers -3
Actual: Steelers -6
Score: BS 9, CS 10, EU 2

Monday Night Football

Eagles at Cowboys
Eagles come off their extra bye week and run into a tough Dallas team.
BS: Cowboys -6
CS: Cowboys -5
EU: Cowboys -5
Actual: Cowboys -7
Score: BS 10, CS 10, EU 2

Apparently the rookie cannot hang with the big-timers just yet. Wow, they dominated me. At least I wasn’t shut out. Let’s see how I do next week when I have a chance to watch all of the games. And based on my predictions and the Vegas actual, here are a couple of my Eddie IN THE MONEY picks:

Packers (-3) over LIONS
Bills (+6) over JAGUARS
Titans (+1) over BENGALS

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