Thursday, September 4, 2008

First Annual First Half Predictions

Rather than making a feeble attempt to accurately predict the Super Bowl winner, I’ve decided that it makes a lot more sense to predict the first half of the season and then make second half predictions. I plan to discuss my thoughts in more detail, but wanted to at least post my win-loss projections before the season officially gets underway tonight. I also like the Giants -4.5 against the Redskins—I’m definitely beating Bill Simmons and his wife this year.

AFC East
New England 6-2
New York Jets 4-4
Buffalo 3-5
Miami 2-6

AFC North
Cleveland 6-2
Pittsburgh 5-3
Cincinnati 2-6
Baltimore 2-7

AFC South
Jaksonville 6-2
Indianapolis 6-2
Houston 6-2
Tennessee 3-5

AFC West
San Diego 6-2
Kansas City 6-2
Denver 5-3
Oakland 3-5

NFC East
Dallas 7-2
New York Giants 6-2
Philadelphia 6-2
Washington 3-6

NFC North
Chicago 4-4
Detroit 3-5
Green Bay 3-5
Minnesota 2-6

NFC South
New Orleans 7-1
Carolina 4-4
Tampa Bay 3-6
Atlanta 1-7

NFC West
Seattle 7-1
Arizona 4-4
St. Louis 1-7
San Francisco 0-8

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