Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NFL Week 4: the Sports Guy

Before we hit the week 4 lines, a few quick notes on week 3:

I was Right
  • about all three of my Eddie IN THE MONEY Superpicks (FALCONS -4 over Chiefs, TITANS -5 over Texans and EAGLES -3 over Steelers)
  • about the magic that Jim Zorn is working on Jason Campbell
  • to doubt Jon Kitna and Romeo's Browns
I Was Wrong
  • to think that Tom Brady's magic had rubbed off sufficiently on Matt Cassell
  • to believe that the Packers had as much firepower as the Cowboys
  • to doubt the Seahawks' (or any other team's) ability to rout a pathetic Rams team
Defensive Stat of the Week: After the Panthers scored a touchdown with 9:55 left in the second quarter, the Vikings held them scoreless for the rest of the game.

Some Stupid Questions
  • How did Jake Delhomme not see the unblocked corner blitz of Antoine Winfield coming from his non-blind side? (Result was a Vikings Touchdown.)
  • How did the Lions score as much as they did versus the Packers in Week 2?
  • Is the Jag's running game that good or the Colts defense that bad?
  • Why was Houshmandzadeh (and his 12 for 146 and a TD) on my bench?
  • Why aren't more NFL teams rockin' the single-wing?
  • Could the drama in Oakland be scripted any better?
  • Will J.T. O’Sullivan stop being so accurate? Provided he gets enough protection and/or doesn’t get too beat-up, Mike Martz + accurate passer = lots of points (not good for a Seahawks fan).

On to Week 4. Last week I made slight improvment in my weekly attempt at predicting the lines better than Bill Simmons or Cousin Sal. Can I keep it up this week? Here's the season standings: BS 19, CS 17, EU 5.

Falcons at PANTHERS
Blowout win, blowout loss, blowout win, blowout ... I see a pattern here for the Falcons.

BS: PANTHERS -8.5 CS: PANTHERS -8.5 EU: PANTHERS -7.5 Actual: PANTHERS -7 Score: BS 0, CS 0, EU 1

Cardinals at JETS
Two east coast games in a row for Arizona won't bode well.

BS: JETS -2.5 CS: JETS -1 EU: JETS -3.5 Actual: JETS -3 Score: BS 1, CS 0, EU 2

Browns at BENGALS

Two winless teams fight for Ohio. Should we invite THE Ohio State University?
BS: BENGALS -3.5 CS: BENGALS -3 EU: BENGALS -3 Actual: BENGALS -3.5 Score: BS 2, CS 0, EU 2

Vikings at TITANS
Two journeymen go at it.

BS: TITANS -5.5 CS: TITANS -1.5 EU: TITANS -2.5 Actual: TITANS -3.5 Score: BS 2, CS 0, EU 3

Packers at BUCS
BS: BUCS -3 CS: BUCS -2 EU: BUCS -1.5 Actual: BUCS -1 Score: BS 2, CS 0, EU 4

49ers at SAINTS
Does the 49ers offense even need the pourous Saints defense to make them look good?

BS: SAINTS -7.5 CS: SAINTS -7.5 EU: SAINTS -4.5 Actual: SAINTS -6.5 Score: BS 3, CS 1, EU 4

Texans at JAGS
BS: JAGS -8 CS: JAGS -8 EU: JAGS -6.5 Actual: JAGS -7.5 Score: BS 4, CS 2, EU 4

Broncos at CHIEFS

BS: Broncos -7.5 CS: Broncos -10 EU: Broncos -10 Actual: Broncos -9.5 Score: BS 4, CS 3, EU 5

Bills at RAMS

Trent Green with a horrible offensive line? Yeah...that sounds like a great idea. Over/under for Green's next concussion is about 1/2 a quarter.
BS: Bills -4.5 CS: Bills -6.5 EU: Bills -13 Actual: Bills -9 Score: BS 4, CS 4, EU 5

Chargers at RAIDERS
Norv will be chuckling all the way back to San Diego.

BS: Chargers -8 CS: Chargers -6 EU: Chargers -6.5 Actual: Chargers -7 Score: BS 4, CS 4, EU 6

Redskins at COWBOYS

Throw the numbers out the window for this rivalry.
BS: COWBOYS -9.5 CS: COWBOYS -10 EU: COWBOYS -9 Actual: COWBOYS -13 Score: BS 4, CS 5, EU 6

Eagles at BEARS

The final score of this one should resemble a baseball game.
BS: Pick 'em CS: Pick 'em EU: Eagles -2 Actual: Eagles -3 Score: BS 4, CS 5, EU 7

Ravens at STEELERS

BS: STEELERS -3.5 CS: STEELERS -7.5 EU: STEELERS -6 Actual: STEELERS -7.5 Score: BS 4, CS 6, EU 7

WINNER-WINNER! Taste it Bill Simmons!

Eddie IN THE MONEY Superpicks: PANTHERS -7 over Falcons, JETS -3 over Cardinals, Broncos -9.5 over CHIEFS and Bills -9 over RAMS (Last week: 3-0, Season, 5-1)

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