Thursday, October 2, 2008

Week 5 Lines

It took me three weeks to beat Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal in my weekly effort to predict the lines for the week’s upcoming NFL games. Can I make it two weeks in a row? Here's the season standings: CS 24, BS 23, EU 12.

Chiefs at PANTHERS
Nice work last week L.J. Unfortunately for you and the Chiefs offense, the Panthers defense is a little better than the Broncos.
BS: CAR -10.5 CS: CAR -9 EU: CAR -7.5 Actual: CAR -10
Score: BS 1, CS 0, EU 0

Chargers at DOLPHINS
Will the Chargers be ready for the single wing, or will they have L.T. show Ronnie Brown how it’s really done?
BS: SD -9 CS: SD -8.5 EU: SD -8.5 Actual: SD -7
Score: BS 1, CS 1, EU 1

Bears at LIONS
The absence of Matt Millen has to be worth at least 3 points, right?
BS: Chi -6 CS: Chi -2 EU: Chi -10.5 Actual: Chi -3.5
Score: BS 1, CS 2, EU 1

Seahawks at GIANTS
Giants, minus one receiver; Seahawks, plus two equals Seahawks win? Pretty please….
BS: NY -7.5 CS: NY -6 EU: NY -6 Actual: NY -7
Score: BS 2, CS 2, EU 1
Ok guys, now remember--catch the ball with your hands...

Falcons at PACKERS
The Packers success could hinge on the health of Rodgers’ shoulder.
BS: GB -8 CS: GB -8 EU: GB -4.5 Actual: OFF
Score: BS 2, CS 2, EU 1

Redskins at EAGLES
Letdown alert! Letdown alert! With the Eagles upset about their loss on Sunday night and the Redskins a little complacent after their big win in Dallas, guess who wins this game?
BS: PHI -4.5 CS: PHI -6.5 EU: PHI -2.5 Actual: PHI -5.5
Score: BS 3, CS 3, EU 1

Titans at RAVENS
I like that rookie quarterback…but the Titans defense is too strong.
BS: Ten -3.5 CS: Ten -3 EU: Ten -2 Actual: Ten -3
Score: BS 3, CS 4, EU 1

Colts at TEXANS
Will the Texans finally break through with a win, or will the Colts finally start playing like the old Colts?
BS: Ind -3 CS: Ind -7 EU: TEX -2.5 Actual: Ind -3
Score: BS 4, CS 4, EU 1

The Broncos offense will have a tough time with the Bucs defense. And the Bucs will wish they could play the Broncos defense every week. The only question is who will look like the all-pro—Brian Griese or Earnest Graham?
BS: DEN -4 CS: DEN -7 EU: DEN -3 Actual: DEN -3
Score: BS 4, CS 4, EU 2

Patriots at FORTY-NINERS
Will the Patriots try to win the game or just try to steal one or two of the 49ers players?
BS: NE -6 CS: NE -4 EU: Pick’em Actual: NE -3
Score: BS 4, CS 5, EU 2

Bengals at COWBOYS
As if the Cowboys aren’t upset enough without Chaz Cinco razzing them. If I’m the Bengals, I’m not looking forward to this game.
BS: DAL-14 CS: DAL -15.5 EU: DAL -14.5 Actual: OFF
Score: BS 4, CS 5, EU 2

The Cardinals are happy to spend this week in Arizona and the Bills won’t be able to come back this time against Kurt Warner and the gang.
BS: Buf -1.5 CS: AZ -3 EU: AZ -2 Actual: AZ -1
Score: BS 4, CS 5, EU 3

Warner will need to spend more time on his feet to beat the Bills.

Steelers at JAGUARS
That Ben Roethlisberger is one slippery dude. In spite of last week’s close win, the Steelers have playoff vengeance on their minds this week. Look out Jags.
BS: JAX -5 CS: JAX -5.5 EU: JAX -1.5 Actual: JAX -4
Score: BS 5, CS 5, EU 3

Vikings at SAINTS
Why are the Vikings so bad? Their defense is pretty good. Their offensive line is great and their running back’s an all-pro. Is a quarterback really that important? Or is the coaching really that bad?
BS: NO –3 CS: NO - EU: NO -6.5 Actual: NO -3
Score: BS 5, CS 6, EU 3
Season Standings after week 5: CS 30, BS 28, EU 15

CS Teaser: SD (even) over MIA and JAX +3 over Pit
BS Parlay: NE (Money Line) over SF and HOU (Money Line) over Ind

Eddie IN THE MONEY Superpicks: Chi-3.5 over DET, HOU +3 over Ind, AZ -1 over Buf, Ten -3 over BAL, and NE -3 over SF (Last week: 3-1, Season, 8-2)

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