Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Hass is still young...

I know he's had health issues, but I think it would be silly to get rid of him. Look at Kurt Warner. He's almost 40, has had a lot of injury issues, but lately has had two or three really great seasons at an advanced age. It'd be silly to compare Hass to Favre, since Favre is such a genetic mutation when it comes to never missing a start, but even factoring in the injury risk, I think Hass is way to valuable to the team. He at least gives me hope that the team could win the game (at kickoff, at least). What about Wallace? You know when Hass went down against the 49ers at the end of the first half you were thinking exactly the same thing that I was, even though the 'hawks were only down 3 (if I remember right): They're done. Yeah, he could go .500 for a few games when the Seahawks were good. But he's never going to lead the team to win games that they have no business winning.

As for the defense, the best idea I've heard is to trade Lofa. LB just isn't a high value position. Our payroll is way too high there. Hawthorne has proven a capable (and much cheaper) replacement and now may be the best time to get maximum value from Lofa in a trade.